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Resolve Firefox Flash Issues In Ubuntu Linux With FlashAid

Flash issues have been quite frequent on Ubuntu systems. The problem has been often associated with installation of faulty plugins and difficulty in identifying the right flash version for an operating system. Flash-Aid is a Firefox extension for Ubuntu and Debian Linux users which helps remove conflicting Firefox Flash plugins and allows installing appropriate Flash versions. Flash-Aid has the ability to detect required settings automatically, such as, your system architecture, OS version, plugins to be removed and helps select the best plugin to be installed on your system. It also provides Flash update alerts, that detects new beta versions from Adobe Labs. It’s advanced mode allows installing Flash from Google Chrome browser or from a local file. You can also use Flash-Aid to apply some tweaks to improve performance and for fixing common issues.

After installation, Flash-Aid automatically displays bubble message for required Flash updates.

Bubble message

You can click on Flash-Ad button next to the address bar to start the installation wizard. The wizard provides options to install a desired Flash version, such as, a stable version from Adbobe repositories, beta version or a version from the Chrome browser. After selecting a version, click Next to continue.


The next step helps remove conflicting plugins to make sure that the new installation is not affected with previously installed faulty plugins.

Step 2

You can also override GPU validation to improve performance and solve full screen issues.

Overrride GPU validation

Finally, you will be asked to execute the file and clicking on Finish will open a terminal window, where you will require entering your password to install the plugin.

Enter Password

This will install the appropriate Flash version on your computer and resolve your Flash issues.


Flash-Aid Extension for Firefox (Ubuntu and Debian only) (Removed from Mozilla Add-Ons section by developer)

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  • Hans Warschau


    Is it possible to filter or sort the RSS feed in order to only receive Linux related updates?

    Thank you.

  • Hovercraft

     Brilliant – fixed stubborn issue with Flash plugin in Firefox for Ubuntu – * * * * *

  • Thomas bjerkeli

    Thanks a bunch ! It works flawless 🙂