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Run Any Program During System Startup In Ubuntu Linux

Do you want to add some programs to the system startup so that every time Ubuntu starts, your programs are loaded as well? Ubuntu has a very sleek and easy-to-use Startup Programs Manager where you can add and remove any program quickly.

Go to System > Preferences > Startup Applications.


You will see a list of programs which are configured to start during system startup, you can add further programs  by clicking Add.


Type the required information in Add Startup Program, i.e, Name, Command, and Comments.


The most important field is command, you will have to type the path of application, so make sure it is correct. Click Add and your application will be added to the list of programs that will run during startup. Enjoy!


  1. You have to login for this to work. How about on boot before login (ie to run vncserver) for remote desktop so you don’t have to plug in monitor/mouse/keyboard should you want to reboot a server? Simple in Windows (which is odd since this “superior” linux system seems to make everything so damn cryptic.

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