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Schedule And Automate Ubuntu Tasks With Advanced Options

Back in April, we covered Easy Shutdown, an Ubuntu app for scheduling system shutdown. If you would rather prefer a more advanced application for scheduling system shutdown and automating tasks according to a set time frame, have a look at Complex Shutdown. It has quite detailed features for allowing the configuration of a timer which automatically performs shutdown, restart, log off, hibernation and custom command execution at the end of a user defined time interval. Therefore, you can schedule tasks, e.g. system shutdown after the expected time of the completion of your downloads to conserve battery power and to avoid staying up all night for the completion of certain tasks. You can also use this app to schedule command execution which is quite handy for performing tasks in your absence. For example, you may schedule the start up of an application at a specified time frame (such as a backup application), so that it may start performing a task at a scheduled time. Some ISPs provide higher bandwidth at odd times of the day when you might require sleeping. Automating the launch of a Torrent client or auto shutdown can ensure a swift download while you are asleep.

After launching this app, you get simplified options to set the day, hour, minute and seconds for executing a function. The common options includes shutdown, log off, hibernate, restart and standby, whereas, you can enter a command from the Custom Command option to schedule functions.

Complex Shutdown

The Settings tab provides additional configuration options, such as, setting a warning message before a task is to be executed. The time and warning sound can be scheduled from this tab to make sure that you get a prompt before a scheduled event is to take place.


Once a task is scheduled, a countdown timer informs you of the remaining time before the task begins.


You can download the DEB package of this app and install it in the Ubuntu Software Center from the download link given below.

Download Complex Shutdown

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