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Use BleachBit to Clean Unnecessary Files From Your Ubuntu System

BleachBit is a free tool to delete unnecessary files from your system. You can use it to delete cache, cookies, Internet history, logs, temporary files, etc and thus as a result you get plenty of free disk space by getting rid of junk data. It runs on Microsoft’s Windows and Linux OS. Followings are steps to install and use it in Ubuntu.

download-bleachbitOnce download is complete, double click the file, click Install Package and it will initialize the installation process. Click Close to complete the installation.


Now, launch it from Applications > Accessories > BleachBit.


Here is screenshot showing its main window.


Now, select the types of files which you want to clean from left side menu. As show in following screenshot, I choose to clean Firefox’s cache, cookies and download list etc.


Click Delete, It will delete the selected types of files.


It offers a long list of tools for which you can use it to remove their temporary and other unnecessary files. Enjoy!

Download BleachBit from Ubuntu Apps Directory


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