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How To Add A Website To The Speed Dial In Firefox

The new tab page on both Chrome and Firefox feature websites that you frequently visit. This particular feature, i.e. speed dial populates over time. It picks up which websites you frequent and updates to reflect them. There is one key difference between the way the speed dial feature in Firefox works with the way it works in Chrome. Speed dial in Chrome doesn’t really ask or allow a user to give any input. The websites you see on the new tab page will update as per your browsing history. If you need to visit a particular website frequently for a brief period, it will take up a spot on the new tab page in Chrome. Firefox works similarly but it lets you add a website to the speed dial. If you don’t like the websites Firefox has picked, you can replace it with one you prefer.

To add a website to the speed dial in Firefox, you need to first bookmark it. For the sake of making it easier to add to the speed dial, it’s best not to add it to a folder. You can remove the bookmark later once you’ve added the website to the speed dial.

Once you’ve bookmarked the website, open a new tab page. Drag and drop the bookmark onto one of the placeholders for a speed dial website. The website will be added to the speed dial. It will of course replace the previous website so choose carefully where you drop the bookmarked website. You can drag a bookmark out from a folder in your bookmarks. It’s not that the feature wouldn’t work that way but it’s just a little harder to do. The speed dial will update immediately but the thumbnail may not appear right way. In fact, you might have to use the speed ┬ádial to access the website several times before it appears. There’s no way to force Firefox to update the thumbnail it saves for a website on its speed dial.

The same trick doesn’t work in Chrome. If you drag and drop a bookmark on the new tab page in Chrome, it will simply open the link. If you want more control over the speed dial in Chrome, you can try using an extension like Speed Dial 2 .

This flexibility in Firefox makes it so that you never really lose a website. In Chrome, if you accidentally remove a website from the speed dial on the new tab page, it isn’t very obvious how you can recover it.┬áThe speed dial feature in Firefox has gone through quite a few iterations in the past few years. At one point, it supported up to nine websites. When it was reduced to just six, users were understandably upset. The same happened with Chrome.

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