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Add Page Content Or Position-Sensitive Bookmarks In Firefox

If you’ve ever bookmarked a webpage and later forgotten the reason why you had done so when you first found it, you aren’t the only one. A useful webpage’s bookmark entry doesn’t always tell you why it’s useful, and it’s easy to forget even if you’ve put it in the right folder in your bookmarks library. Advanced bookmarks Add-on for Firefox helps you remember why you saved a webpage, by letting you save a web page to a scrolled position of your choice, or to a particular text snippet on that page. These bookmarks are stored separately from your other bookmarks and Advanced bookmarks Add-on adds its own Bookmarks manager for these position and content -sensitive bookmarks.

Advanced Bookmarks Add-on adds an ‘Advanced Bookmarks’ option to the Bookmarks menu, along with ‘Advanced Bookmarks by select text’ and ‘Advanced Bookmark by position’ option to the right-click context menu. The extension’s Bookmarks Manager is accessible from the Bookmarks menu. To add a position-based bookmark, open a web page and scroll down to any part of it. Right-click and from the context menu, select ‘Advanced Bookmark by position’. Alternatively, you can select text from the web page, right-click it and select the ‘Advanced Bookmarks by text’ option to add a content-sensitive bookmark.

Advanced bookmaks Add-on option

To open one of the pages you’ve bookmarked, go to the Advanced Bookmarks options under the Bookmarks menu. You can see the pages you bookmarked using the add-on listed there, or open the Bookmarks Manager to manage them. Management options let you change the order of your bookmarks, or delete them.

Advanced bookmaks Add-on

Advanced bookmarks Add-on does not allow you to create folders to organize the bookmarks you save using it. It also doesn’t let you move these bookmarks to any of the default bookmarks folders. Advanced bookmarks Add-on can certainly benefit by adding integration with the default bookmarks. What you do have with this add-on is an easy way to see why you found a web page useful enough to save, but there isn’t an efficient way to keep these useful pages organized for now.

There are also no shortcuts for quickly adding a web page to the Advanced bookmarks Add-on and when we tested the extension out, it seemed to not work well with some of the other add-ons we had installed. The pages were being bookmarked, but could not be accessed from the Bookmarks menu and the Bookmarks Manager itself was not accessible either till we disabled some add-ons. If it doesn’t work for you, try disabling a few add-ons.

Install Advanced Bookmarks Add-on For Firefox

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