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Create Facebook & Google+ Cover Photos With Quotes Using QuotesCover

Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter profiles all have one thing in common – cover pictures! Cover pictures work great in tandem with profile pictures, since you can use one image to express yourself and another to represent your profile, without compromising the visibility and impact of one over the other. The only problem is that creating even a mildly interesting cover picture can be quite a challenge to many. If Paint is the only image editor you can use well, creating a good looking cover picture will not be a walk in the park for sure. QuotesCover is a web app that lets you create cover photos for Facebook and Goolge Plus using different quotes, fonts, layouts and color schemes to make them look great. You can add background images as well and customize almost everything about the image. QuotesCover creates templates for printing posters and cards in various sizes as well.

QuotesCover gives you a huge library of quotes to choose from and you can narrow your choice down by categories. Once you’ve found a quite that you would like to use, just click the ‘Next Step’ button under it. If you would rather use a quote of your own choice, you can enter that in the text area on the right, along with its author name, and click the ‘Submit’ button to proceed.


Next, choose what you want to create: a cover picture, a poster, a card, or wallpaper. Each of these have their own editors with options custom-tailored for the purpose. If you choose the Wallpaper or For Prints editor, it will ask you to select the size for your screen or printout. We worked with the Facebook Cover editor for our review. QuotesCover also supports the new large Google+ cover picture.

choose editor QuotesCover

What you see next is the text you selected on a plain background, with controls for customizing it. Your tools are located on the right. You can edit the text, select an element (the quote or the background picture) and move it around, draw freehand over the canvas with a pen or brush tool, and also draw straight lines. A paint bucket tool allows you to change the color of the background.

You can’t specify the font you want to use on the cover picture by clicking ‘Next Fonts’ and ‘Previous Fonts’ to go through the available fonts. Similarly, the ‘Next Color’ and ‘Previous Color’ buttons let you change the color of the text.

QuotesCover image

To add an image to the background, click the ‘Insert Pic’ button and upload an image. QuotesCover does not let you resize the picture though, so if it’s really big, you should resize it before uploading. The picture can be moved around but its size remains the same once it’s been uploaded. Next, you can apply effects to the image, and manage its hue, saturation, brightness, and contrast. Once you’re happy with the result, click the ‘Download’ button at the bottom.

After clicking the Download button, and selecting a location to save the picture, you will be surprised to see that nothing apparently happens. It seems as if no image has been saved at all, since the download manager shows nothing. Though the image does get saved to the location you chose and the reason you don’t see any download progress is the Flash-based nature of QuotesCover. No download indication can be slightly annoying, but you get a good cover picture to use at the end of it. Improvements we would like to see are support for Twitter cover pictures, lists of fonts and colors to manually select, and some indication of a successful download.

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