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Drag & Drop Multiple Files On Firefox To Open Them In Separate Tabs

Browsers have come a long, long way from being a mere means of accessing websites. They’re now equipped to help developers and designers work better, and all browsers have some basic features at the very least for this. Firefox, for instance, has the ability to open files from your desktop. If you’re an end user you can drag & drop music or video files, or images and text documents onto a Firefox tab and it will open them. Though restricted to some select formats, it’s still a great feature, and Drag-n-Drop Multiple Files is a Firefox add-on that makes it even better. Select any two files on your desktop and drag & drop them onto a Firefox tab; nothing happens. Install Drag-n-Drop Multiple Files and repeat the process on the Firefox home page, and those two files will open in separate tabs of their own,.

The Firefox add-on allows you to open any number of files by dragging them onto the Firefox Home page or any tab, for that matter. Without this extension, you would have to drag & drop files individually, which is time consuming to say the least.


End users might find the add-on useful for opening multiple images, or perhaps PDF files, but developers might like it even more, since they will be able to preview their work in a faster manner than usual.

Depending on the number of files you’ve selected, the same number of tabs will open, and the tab you dropped the files on will also open one of your files. There aren’t any customization options for the add-on, but it would be a good idea for the developer to add an option so that files are opened in new tabs only, leaving the first tab as it is.

A good thing about the add-on is that it doesn’t limit you by defining a particular drag & drop area. Files don’t necessarily have to be dragged onto a new blank tab page or the Firefox home page. While testing the app, we found that dropping them onto any page will do the trick.

Drag-n-Drop Multiple Files is ridiculously simple yet makes you wonder how you lived so long without it. It also makes you wonder why browsers that have progressed so much over the years don’t include this feature by default.

The link provided below will take you to the add-on’s download page on the official Firefox add-ons repository.

Install Drag-n-Drop Multiple Files For Firefox

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