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Generate QR Codes For Any Element On A Website In Google Chrome

QR code generators are about as common as URL shortners. They’re incredibly easy to develop and you can find extensions for all popular browsers that generate these codes for web pages you might have open. Apart from extensions and add-ons, there is an equally large number of web apps that generate QR codes and offer multiple customization options as well. What’s common about these apps and extensions is that they treat web pages as a whole; you can generate a code for the entire page only, even if you just want to share an image or link from it, and you must open the image or link separately first before a QR code can be generated for it. Smart QrCode Generator is a Chrome extension that creates a QR code for just about anything on a web page without the need to open it separately first. Links, action buttons, images, videos and the entire page itself can have individual QR codes generated for them via the right-click context menu.

Once installed, Smart QrCode Generator adds its icon to the URL bar, and clicking it generates a code for the currently loaded URL.

Smart QrCode Generator

The extension also adds a ‘Generate Smart QrCode’ option to the right-click context menu and this is what you’re going to fall in love with! The option works for just about everything on a web page; right-click on an image and select this option. Scan the QR code that the extension generates to your smartphone and it will open that specific image only.

Smart QrCode Generator element

The extension was originally developed so users could open links on their smartphones more easily, and it can be used in lots of different ways like opening a link to an app on your smartphone. Though downloading or opening app store links seems like the most common and logical use of this extension, it has far more potential. Since it responds well to action buttons, you can use it to download files directly to your phone. The QR code panel that opens when the URL bar button is clicked supports several options for the elements you want to generate a code for.

By default. it will generate codes for the URL or selected text only. The developer has provided the option for users to add other elements that the extension should automatically generate codes for, by making use of regular expressions and strings to identify it. The rules can be disabled any time and probably won’t be used much by ordinary users.

Smart QrCode Generator rules

The noteworthy feature about this extension is obviously its ability to generate a QR code for everything, and that’s what makes it perhaps one of the best ways to quickly open content on your smartphone, that you are already browsing on your computer.

Install Smart QrCode Generator For Chrome

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