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Get A Bar That Shows Active & Completed Downloads In Firefox

Firefox has gone through a lot of design changes in the past year. It’s grown more and more minimal allowing for maximum space to be taken up by a web page. It did away with a lot of bars and buttons that were part of the interface a few years back giving users a much neater browser to work with. One of the major UI changes that Firefox made was to kill the downloads bar and replace it with a single Downloads button. The button, when clicked, reveals a pop-up menu that will show the progress of active downloads and recently completed downloads. Download Bar is a Firefox add-on that brings back the downloads bar. It not only shows you all completed downloads but also those in progress. The downloads are color coded so that completed and active ones are easier to distinguish.

Install Download Bar and any time you begin downloading a file, the bar will appear showing its progress. The bar doesn’t disappear when the download is complete and you have to close/remove it yourself. The great thing about the bar is that it appears across all Firefox windows. You don’t have to switch between multiple windows to see how much of a download is left.

Download Bar

You can pause a download, cancel it, and get its direct download link with Download Bar. Click the little drop-down arrow next to a download to bring up the pause, cancel, open folder, copy URL, remove, clean up list, and Show all downloads options. The ‘Clean up list’ option is the one you will click to clear the downloads and hide the download bar. If you visit Download Bar’s options in the add-on manager, you can edit what color a download turns when it is in progress, paused, or complete.

Download Bar-menu

For anyone looking to return to the old way of downloading files, or perhaps someone looking to get a downloads bar that resembles the default one in Chrome, Download Bar is an excellent option.

Install Download Bar For Firefox

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