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Get Firefox Home Page Bar In The New Tab Page

Firefox 13 revamped the Firefox Home page and added a bar at the bottom that gives you quick access to many options such as downloads, bookmarks, history, add-ons, etc that previously had to be accessed from the menu bar. Since the new tab page did not have speed dial at that time, this made the Firefox Home page the more preferred page to open when the browser was launched. With the arrival of speed dial though, users have to choose between the new tab page and the home page. New newtab tab is a Firefox add-on that makes the choice easier to make. It adds the options toolbar that you see at the bottom of the Firefox Home page to the default New Tab page, combining the speed dial and the bar and giving you the best of both worlds.

New newtab tab can be installed and used right away without being required you to restart your browser or configure anything, so go ahead and open a new tab page to see what it now looks like.

new tab page firefox

If you compare the bar on the Firefox Home page with the one added by New newtab tab, you will notice an addition by the add-on: a button for ‘Marketplace’. This button links to the Firefox Marketplace where you can get apps for your browser just the way you can get apps for Chrome from the Chrome Web Store. It’s surprising that an add-on has added a shortcut to it while Mozilla has held off on it since its introduction in Firefox 16. The Marketplace does take some time to load though, so be patient. You will also notice that the Sync button has been replaced by a ‘Home’ button. This button takes you back to the new tab page when you visit the downloads, bookmarks, history, add-ons or settings page, since these individual pages still open in the same tab.

new tab page bottom bar

With New newtab tab installed, the only thing removed is the search bar on the Firefox Home page, but you hardly going to miss it, since the Awesome bar can open URLs as well as perform searches for any query you enter. The only improvement, or rather, addition that I’d like to see is a button that allows me to quickly open the about:config page without having to type that in manually. Other than that, the extension is just about perfect.

Install New newtab tab for Firefox

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  1. Anyone know how to keep the URL bar clear with custom
    newtab pages like this? It’s causing me a headache to
    press Shift+up every time I open a new tab.

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