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Give Twitter A Responsive Design & Navigate It Using Chrome Omnibar

Twitter has seen a design revamp or two since its inception and the changes have mostly been welcome (possibly something Facebook envies). The last time Twitter overhauled its interface was mostly cosmetic and aimed to encourage people to use the web interface. If the new design and the added keyboard shortcut functionality isn’t enough to satisfy you, Responsive Twitter is a Chrome extension that will change your mind. One of the most amazing things this extension does is turn the Twitter website into a responsive design. Resize your browser window and the feed column is adjusted accordingly. You can go as small as 236px in width before the window can no longer be shrunk further though the experience goes downhill when the window is less than 288px. What this extension will let you do is have Twitter running in a fairly thin column on the side of your screen. The extension also adds some functionality to the Omnibar allowing you to easily switch to your Home, Activity, Mentions, Messages or Discover page or, to open a user’s Tweet stream by typing only their Twitter handle in the Omnibar. Lastly, it adds a Twitter button next to the URL bar to open Twitter in an independent Chrome window. You can resize this window and the extension will remember your preference for it.


You need to be signed in to Twitter to use the extension. Responsive Twitter does not use the Twitter API, you will have to be signed in to Twitter in your browser. You can start using the Omnibar to navigate to different pages. Type the @ symbol and hit the Tab key. If you follow it with a Twitter handle for any user, and hit enter, their Profile will open in a separate Chrome window. If you follow it with any of the letters o, h, c, a, r, d, f, m, and hit Enter, you will be able to open Twitter, your Home page, Connect, Activity, Retweets, DM, Favorited and Mentions page all in a separate window. If you’ve already got the window open, it will refresh and load the new page instead of opening it in another window.

Responsive Twitter omnibar

The Twitter window itself, as mentioned earlier, is freely resizable. It runs as an independent window, i.e., even if you exit Chrome, Twitter will continue to run in this separate window.

Responsive Twitter user Responsive Twitter

A few other improvements that the extension makes is that it disables jQuery animations so Twitter will feel like it’s working faster. Links you click in the stand alone Twitter window opens in the background, however, the ‘o’ shortcut mentioned in the extension’s description for opening links was unresponsive. If you Tweet often, Responsive Twitter is an extension you might want to try.

Install Responsive Twitter From Chrome Web Store

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