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How To Disable Pocket In Firefox 38 And Above

Firefox has lately been integrating other services in the browser. For a while it was just its own data syncing service and then the Hello feature that was introduced later on but Mozilla isn’t content with just developing and integrating its own products. As of Firefox 38 and above, the browser now comes with Pocket integration. Pocket is a read it later type app/servce that lets you save links for reading later. It’s a lot like the reading list that you can maintain in Firefox or in Safari except that it’s an online service. If you aren’t a fan of the service and simply hiding the Pocket button isn’t enough for you, here’s how you can disable it altogether in Firefox.

Open Firefox and go to about:config. Look for the following preference and set it’s value (double click it) to False.


That’s all it takes. Setting the preference’s value to False will remove the Pocket button from the toolbar as well as the Customization menu.


Mozilla’s decision to include Pocket in Firefox is questionable. It’s a fact that browsers will often partner with search providers in a bid to make them more popular or that some search providers will pay to be included as default search providers in a browser but Pocket is not a search provider. It is in fact a rival to Firefox’s own reading list feature that was introduced only a short while ago.

It’s unrealistic to imagine anyone thinking to switch to Firefox simply because it has native Pocket support but perhaps it’s offered as a reasonable alternative while the the default reading list feature is refined and gains more popularity.

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  1. browser.pocket.enabled does not exist in Firefox 46.0.1 I found and disabled extension.pocket.enabled instead.

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