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Disable Firefox Remember Password Popup While Keeping Password Manager Enabled

Like other leading browsers, Firefox has a password manager that offers to remember your password every time you log into any website or web service. If you don’t want it to remember the password for a particular website ever, you can disable the feature for that website by using the dropdown arrow next to the ‘Remember Password’ button on the popup and asking it to never offer to remember passwords for the current website. This popup appears on every website and the only way to hide it is to disable the password manager altogether from Firefox’s options. The downside of doing this is that Firefox will no longer automatically fill the login and password info for websites that you’ve asked it to remember passwords for. If you still want to use the feature but are annoyed by the popup appearing on every page where you sign in, give Password Dialog Begone a try. It’s a Firefox add-on that blocks the popup without disabling the password manager entirely.

Once installed, the add-on will stop the popup from appearing unless you disable it. It’s very basic and performs this singular function without a hitch.

Firefox remember password

The point of Password Dialog Begone is to hide an annoying popup that keeps appearing when you don’t want it to, but this particular popup can be useful sometimes and you might not want to hide it forever. What you’ve got with Password Dialog Begone is a half-way solution that the add-on could solve with better features.

In addition to hiding the remember password popup, the add-on can implement an easy way to call it when it is needed. A simple little button in the URL bar (or right next to the Back button) can be added to open the popup whenever you want to use it. The button can be multi-purpose; it can also show whether or not a password for the current website has been saved, or if it has been blocked for it altogether. Visual indications such as the button changing color would be more than enough to cater to every additional functionality required.

An extra features that might not extend or enhance the add-on’s core value, but would still be nice to have, would be an easy way to access the password manager. The option can again be integrated in a button that allows you to view saved passwords or a list of exceptions that you have blocked from the password manager. Overall, Password Dialog Begone is simple and works perfectly at what it does.

Install Password Dialog Begone For Firefox

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