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How To Remove Search Engines In Firefox

Google is the most popular search engine in use today and if you’re researching something, you’re on the right track with this search engine. There are however other search engines and other sources of information that people use to search for things. Some of them are search engines like DuckDuckGo but others, like Twitter or Wikipedia are social media websites or a database of information. Firefox thinks you might need to use any one of these so when you enter a query in the address bar, it offers seven different search engines that you can use. You can remove search engines in Firefox though and keep only the one you use. Here’s how.

Remove Search Engines

You can remove search engines in Firefox from the browser’s settings. There are two ways to get to the settings. The first is to click the hamburger icon at the top right and select Options from the menu. On the Options screen, go to the Search tab and scroll down to the One Click Search Engines section.

Alternatively, and this is the far easier way to access the setting, start typing something in the address bar. You will see the row of suggested search engines appear. At the very end of this row is a cog wheel button. Click it to jump straight to the One Click Search Engines section in Firefox’s option.

Uncheck the search engines you don’t want to use and they will not appear in the suggested search engines any more.

If you later change your mind about which search engines you want to use, you can return to this same setting and enable them again.

When you uncheck a search engine, it is removed from the address bar but it’s still there in Firefox. To remove it completely, select a search engine and click the ‘Remove’ button.

You will notice that there’s a ‘Find more search engines’ option just below this setting. Clicking it will redirect you to the Mozilla add-ons store where you can install an add-on for searching specific websites.

Search Engines In Chrome

Chrome has a similar feature but it doesn’t clutter the UI like Firefox does. Chrome will automatically add websites as custom search engines if you search them often enough. For example, if you often use the search bar on YouTube to look for videos, you will eventually be able to type ‘YouTube’ in the address bar, tap the Tab or spacebar key, and enter a query to search directly on YouTube. Unlike Firefox, you can add any website as a search engine without installing an extension in Chrome.

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