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How To Turn Off Search Suggestions In Firefox

Firefox 43 introduced Search Suggestions. It’s a new feature that allows search engines to provide suggested searches in the Awesome bar and for now it is opt-in. Search suggestions or ‘live search’ as we would perhaps call them if we were to use Google’s terms, provide relevant search terms so that you’re more likely to find the right information. In theory, it should be helpful but if you tried the feature out and didn’t like it, you might be wondering where/how you can turn it Off. Since Firefox had the foresight to not impose the new feature on its users, it’s also had the foresight to give you an easy way to disable it. Here’s how.

Enabling Search Suggestions is pretty easy. Start typing in the Awesome bar and Firefox will offer to turn Search Suggestions On. You might even have done it to see what it’s like. To disable it, open Firefox and from the hamburger icon at the top right, go to the browser’s options. In the Preferences window that opens, go to the ‘Search’ tab. Alternatively, just paste this in the Awesome bar;


Under the Default Search Engine section, just below the drop-down for selecting your search engine of choice, you will see a new option called ‘Provide search suggestions’. It will be enabled (checked) since you’ve enabled the feature and all you need to do to disable it is uncheck the option.

Options - ff 43

This new feature has been part of Chrome for years now. If you were to visit the Google homepage, search suggestions or live search would work without your asking. It’s not only widely implemented but also well received making the feature a sensible addition to Firefox.

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