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Manage Privacy Permissions For Websites In Firefox From The Toolbar

When you visit a website, it’s almost always a given that it will save cookies to your browser. Website permissions aren’t restricted to just the use of cookies. Powerful web apps and intelligent internet protocols have been developed to allow users to accomplish so much more with just their browsers. As a result of this, privacy and what information a website has access to is a growing concern. Likewise, what information is stored in your browser of choice is equally concerning because browsers today offer to save sensitive data like credit card numbers and email passwords. You can choose to allow or disallow the information to be stored and if you’re a Firefox user looking for a quick way to review permission on a per-website basis, FoxyPermissions is an add-on you should try.

FoxyPermissions gives you quick access to the about:permissions Firefox page from the toolbar. The add-on is basically the about:permissions page compressed into a small pop-up window that you can access and manage on the fly. If you’re visiting a website that you frequently use you might want to take a look at, and even revise, the permissions for it.

FoxyPermissions  adds a button to the toolbar that you use to access the permissions panel. You can revoke access to location, camera, the accepting of cookies, and the microphone from the pop-up.


You can also purge all information stored by a website and all permissions granted to it by selecting it from the left column and clicking the ‘Forget about this Site’ button at the top right of the right panel.

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