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Manage & Set A Default Volume For Vine Videos [Firefox]

The Vine video player is beyond basic; there is no seek bar and the volume goes On or Off. Granted Vines are so short in length you aren’t likely to need the usual controls that you get with a standard media player but smarter volume controls can’t hurt. Vine Volume Fixer is a Firefox add-on that lets you set a default volume level for all Vine videos that play. Once the add-on is installed, all Vine videos play at 25% volume and you can customize this level from the add-ons settings.

Install Vine Volume Fixer and go to the Add-on manager. In the add-on’s settings, set the default level in the ‘Default volume level’ field to change how loudly a Vine video is played.

Vine Volume Fixer

Vine Volume Fixer adds basic video player functionality to Vine but it’s clunky. There’s no way to manage volume for videos individually and you cannot change the volume on the fly. Repeatedly going to the add-on manager to change the volume is not intuitive.

The only improvement the add-on needs is with how it works i.e. it needs a volume control bar on the actual media player that lets you change the volume while you’re watching the video because you cannot play all videos on the same volume.

Install Vine Volume Fixer For Firefox

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