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New Features In Firefox 35 For Desktop And Android

Firefox 35 was made available on the release channel yesterday and it’s not a very big update. The biggest feature to come out of this update is a chat room-like interface for Firefox Hello that lets you share a link and wait for someone to join the conversation. This is definitely an improvement for the feature. The new version also puts the Firefox Marketplace in easier reach with a brand new button. On Android, the major addition is that downloads can now be tracked through Android’s download manager, and a search box has been added to the network error page. There are minor other improvements with bits on offer for developers but nothing major.


Firefox – Desktop

Firefox Hello Chat Room

This is not a resurrction of the 1990’s chat rooms but the changes get rid of that very annoying ringing that followed an invite to chat. The interface is much nicer and you can wait for your recipient to join the conversation. Like before, you still get a desktop notification when someone accepts and joins your chat room.


Firefox Marketplace Button

Firefox 35 comes with a brand new button for faster access to the Firefox marketplace. It’s a nice little rocket that you need to drag out and place next to the URL bar from the customize menu. It’s noticeable that Firefox is now adding buttons while doing away with its text-basedmenu options. Even the customize menu that was introduced a few versions back has a more friendly graphical UI.



Native H264 Support On OS X 10.6 And Above

H264 is a proprietary video encoding format for playing MP4 (MPEG) files and native support for it has been added to Firefox for OS X versions, as old as 10.6 (that’s Snow Leopard if you’re wondering) and above.

Firefox Android

Search Bar On Network Error Page

As far as changes go, this one is minor and more a matter of convenience. The search bar is now a part of the network error page though you could always use the URL bar. What’s good about it is that it’s auto-filled with the URL you failed to reach and you can search for it by tapping the search button.


Android Download Manager

This feature is actually pretty neat but it needs a work. When you initiate a download in Firefox, you can view the progress in the notification center. You can also pause or cancel the download but during testing, we found that pausing meant you had to cancel it. It’s not fully baked yet but the ability to view download progress is pretty good.

ff_android_download ff_android_stop_download

You can read the release notes for the Android and Desktop versions to learn about the features we haven’t mentioned.

Download Firefox 35 For Desktop

Download Firefox For Android

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