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New Features In Firefox 43 For Desktop And Android

Firefox 43 is out and the big news with this release is that the 64 bit version for Windows is finally available. This next release also answers a pressing question i.e. will Firefox for iOS be updated along with its Android and Desktop versions. The resounding answer to that is No. The iOS version hasn’t received an update and the official Mozilla page is showing the latest version to have been released in November. This new desktop version now stops unsigned add-ons from being installed even when you specifically allow them to be. Users can now choose to enable search suggestions in the Awesome bar, and in addition to the many features for developers, the Developer toolbar in Firefox has added the ability to set a resolution for your screenshots. Firefox for Android has added an indicator on tabs to show which tab is playing audio and users can now mark items in the Reading list as read or unread.


Firefox 43 Desktop

64 Bit Version For Windows

The 64 Bit version was long in the waiting and it’s finally out. If you choose to upgrade the current Firefox installation, it won’t ask you if you want to switch to the 64 bit version. To get the version, visit the Firefox all systems page.

ff 43 64bit

Unsigned Add-Ons Are No Longer Allowed

As of version 43, unsigned Firefox-add-ons will no longer be allowed. When you attempt to install the add-on, it asks you if you want to go ahead with it. There is an ‘Allow’ button which, when clicked, still won’t let you install the add-on.

ff 43 unsigned add on

Enable Search Suggestions

Search suggestions are basically search terms that are similar to what you’re looking for. They are provided by search engines. If you were to begin typing a search on Google, you would see it list a bunch of similar searches. Firefox 43 now lets you turn them on in the Awesome bar. Type anything in the Awesome bar and it will ask you if you want to turn the feature On or not.

ff 43 search suggestions

Specify Screenshot Resolution In Developer Toolbar

The developer toolbar (Shift+F2) is still experimental but that doesn’t mean new features aren’t added to it. With Firefox 43, a new –dpi command has been added so that you can set the resolution for the screenshot you’re taking.

ff 43 screenshot dpi

Firefox 43 Android

Mark Items Read/Unread In Reading List

You can now mark items in the Reading list as read or unread. Tap and hold on an item. In the menu that pops up, you will see a new option for marking the item as read or unread.

ff 43 android read ff 43 android unread

Audio Indicator On Tabs

When you’re switching between tabs in Firefox 43, you will now see a small speaker icon to indicate if a tab is playing audio.

ff 43 android audio indicator

You can read the full release notes for Firefox 43 for desktop and Android on Mozilla’s official site to read up on the smaller features we left out.

Download Firefox 43 For The Desktop

Download Firefox From The Google Play Store


  1. So, after I accidentally choose ‘yes’ to enable search suggestions in the Awesome bar, how exactly do I disable them? Unchecking “Provide search suggestions” and “Show search suggestions in location bar results” in the Search tab of my preferences, has not fixed the issue.

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