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Plug.dj: Internationally Available Tunrtable.fm-Like Social Network For Music & Videos [Web]

Popular social network Turntable.fm is one of the best ways to share songs online and socialize with music-lovers from across the globe. Unfortunately, it is only available for users in the United States. If you’re based outside of the USand want to experience something similar, then Plug.dj is what you probably need. This social network cum web application lets you explore a wide variety of DJs and tracks, create playlists, join DJ waitlists, join online chatting rooms and choose dancing avatars that express your personality. The app is integrated with YouTube and SoundCloud, which means you have a heavy repository of songs at your disposal. Moreover, you can join or switch between any number of virtual rooms, where you can discover or share music, talk to people from different locales using real-time chat translations! Additionally, Plug.dj features a reward system wherein you can earn points by participating in different activities, like joining rooms, voting for different tracks and you can even get points when people add your tracks to their own collection.

To start off, simply login via your Facebook, Twitter or Google account.


You will then be able to scroll through and search for music rooms. Each room displays the total number of people plugged in, the user it is hosted by, its title and Now Playing details. You can either create your own room or hit the Plug in button to join an existing one to discover new music.


Once you’ve selected a room, Plug.dj will start playing music in what is nothing less than an absolutely gorgeous interface. Here, you will find music details, including Time Remaining, Now Playing, Info, Users, History and Crowd Response. Additionally, you will be able to add tracks to your playlist and share particular ones on Facebook or Twitter.

To the right of the page, you will also find a chat box using which you can connect with other users or DJs. The chat auto-translates from over 50 languages to your native language in real-time, so you can commune seamlessly with users speaking a foreign language!


Plug.dj retrieves music from YouTube and Sound Cloud. All you have to do is enter your query in the search field and results will instantly be displayed in a drop-down menu. Moreover, when the songs have been added to your playlist, you can easily move them up or down the list or add them to a Wait List.

add songs

Once done, you can click the View WaitList  button at the bottom-right of the page to view your number/position on the waitlist.


Plug.dj lets you go back and forth from one room to another, letting you listen to an unlimited number of tracks. The network provides a simple way to discover music from all around the world and interact with different people in real-time. That’snot all; Plug.dj isn’t restricted to desktop usage. The HTML5-based website also works in all the new Android browsers. Needless to say, if you’re a fan of music, you should definitely pay the website a visit.

Visit Plug.dj

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