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Quickly Access & Manage Google Bookmarks From The Firefox Toolbar

Despite the decrease in popularity of online bookmarking services after major browsers like Chrome and Firefox started including native bookmark syncing, sGoogle Bookmarks is still used by many, especially those who have accumulated a huge collection of bookmarks on the service over the years. Since the next step to accessibility is, of course, convenience and Google Bookmarks’ own web interface isn’t exactly as convenient as it could have been, it makes sense to use a third-party browser add-on for easily managing all your Google Bookmarks. If you’re using Mozilla Firefox, the Fess Google Bookmark Extension can take care of that for you, meaning you’ll no longer have to even visit the Google Bookmarks website to manage them.

The link at the bottom of this page will take you to Fess Google Bookmark Extension webpage, from where you can add it to your browser. A little hollowed-out gray star will appear on the toolbar; click it to open its drop-down menu.

Options menu of the Fess Google Bookmark Extension

When you’re at a webpage you’ve already added to Google Bookmarks, the star will change to gold, as shown in the screenshot above. To open a bookmark in a new tab, click it from the list; to open it in a background tab, right-click it and select ‘Open in current Tab’ from the submenu. To change your bookmark’s name, label or URL, click ‘Edit’.

Editing a bookmark

At the top row (first screenshot), you have add, edit and remove buttons for your bookmarks. That other gold star in the same row will open up your Google Bookmarks account in another tab. The ‘Logout’ button will do the same while logging you out of the currently signed in account, so that you can log in to the service with a different Google account.

Assorting your Google Bookmarks

Fess Google Bookmark Extension also enables you to easily bundle and assort your bookmarks right from the options menu. The folder icon indicates a ‘Label’ or ‘Google Bookmarks List’. You can add a webpage to a label by right-clicking the label and selecting ‘Add Bookmark Here’. ‘Edit’ opens a new window where you can change the label’s name; the change will automatically sync with your Google Bookmarks account.

Editing a label's name

Fess Google Bookmark Extension doesn’t limit itself to merely displaying bookmarks, but while it does a fairly neat job of managing and curating your collection, it could have been improved further by adding features like a comprehensive tree-style structure and detailed sorting options, along with possible syncing with the native Firefox bookmarks. I’m not going to write that off as a deficiency, though; readers might still agree with me if I conclude that the add-on intelligently maintains its non-intrusive, minimalist nature by quick-linking you to your Google Bookmarks account instead of needlessly biting more than it can chew.

Get Fess Google Bookmark For Firefox

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