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Quickly Master Speed Reading With The Readsy Web App

Let’s face it: there’s a lot of content on the web and you have to wonder, can there be a simple way to shrink your reading list and enhance the pace at which you read? There’s one simple method and it’s called speed reading. Speed reading allows you to read text more rapidly by flashing it across your eyes one word at a time. There are a lot of apps that offer speeding reading or utilize this technology in their own way. If you want to improve your reading speed while retaining the same comprehension level then the speed reading app Readsy aims to help.

Readsy is a web app that makes reading fun and lets you learn words and understand sentences more quickly. The app basically utilizes a scientifically developed speed reading methodology called Spritizing that lets you focus on one word at a time and reduce the strain from your brain and eyes when understanding simple and complex sentences. The technique was developed by a start up company called Spritz and since then has proven immensely useful to the masses.


Coming back to Readsy, the app lets you accomplish speed reading in a lucid fashion, and can be easily used without creating an account. The interface is simple and easy to navigate.

The app lets you add text for reading in a multitude of ways. You can either copy it from, let’s say, a blog post like this one, and paste it to the site, or upload a file that you want to read in TXT or PDF formats , and it will convert it to a readable version for you. Another method of pointing the text to Readsy is by specifying the URL of a webpage, Readsy then automatically extracts the text from the article. You can manually set the reading speed in words per minute (wpm), which can comprise as few as 200 words per minute to as many as 400.


Whatever way you choose, you can start reading your text by clicking the ‘Readsy!’ button located at the bottom. Having done that, the entire webpage dims itself with the exception of only the actual speed reading widget. Readsy then presents each word in quick succession and you can control the WPM speed anytime you want.

Readsy It

All in all, a great app that improves the speed at which you read.

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