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Bookmark Permissions: Enable Or Disable Specific HTML Elements For Individual Bookmarks In Firefox

Bookmarks can be of a great use for not only saving web links to check later, but also to have quick access to frequented websites through the Bookmark Toolbar. Almost all browsers come with some sort of bookmarking facility – some more comprehensive than others. However, what most of these offer by default is bookmarking, sorting and categorizing at best, but that’s pretty much it. To gain better control over your bookmarks, you may want to check out Bookmarks Permissions. It is a security add-on for Firefox that allows you to set specific permissions for individual bookmarks, which override global permissions. The add-on gives you the ability to enable or disable certain aspects of a website, like images, pop-up windows etc, to make your browsing experience smooth. Blocking specific items can also help you navigate to your favorites faster.

The add-on requires restarting the on-going Firefox browsing session in order to complete installation. However, after that, you are ready to take command of your bookmarks. You can bookmark any webpage easily utilizing the keyboard shortcut ‘Ctrl+D’, and then you can define specific settings by going to Bookmark Properties of each starred item, or by viewing the Bookmark Manager (Ctrl+Shift+B).

The following five permissions can be set individually for every bookmark: Images, Redirect, Plug-ins, Javascript, and Frames. For each of these, you get three standard options, Don’t Care, Disable and Enable. Don’t Care is the default setting for each bookmark, which simply means that the global permission is being used.

Bookmark Properties

To check the results, I defined the settings shown above for your favorite AddictiveTips. The original website looked thus:


After blocking images and JavaScript, it looked like the screenshot below. The website was also accessed in a faster way.

After Disabling Options

One thing to note here: if JavaScript is enabled globally, it can be disabled for specific bookmarks, but that doesn’t work the other way around, which means that the add-on cannot turn on JavaScript for a bookmark if it is turned off globally. Also, the add-on works only if the bookmark is reopened (within the same tab) after defining settings, or opened in a new tab.

The add-on was originally released four years ago for Firefox 6, and has recently been updated to make it compatible with all versions of Firefox, hence allowing all Firefox users to enjoy this facility. We have yet to find a similar extension for Chrome, so if any developers are reading, this might be your cue.

Install Bookmark Permissions

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