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Access Favorite Websites From A Collapsible Sidebar In Firefox With TabCross

How many times have you opened too many tabs in your web browser? Can’t recall? I first encountered tabbed browsing upon using Mozilla Firefox for the first time, and this feature has become my definitive favorite ever since. It’s now found in pretty much every modern web browser, making it possible for us to keep a tab on multiple webpages and keep surfing our favorite websites within the same window. But let’s just face it, who needs to keep tabs for popular services like Google, Facebook and YouTube open all the time? Wouldn’t it be more handy to keep them snugged away to the side so that they are accessible whenever needed, without hogging up a complete tab? TabCross is a Firefox add on designed to accomplish the exact same purpose by keeping frequently used services active and accessible from a sidebar so that your tab bar stays clean and you can still access them whenever required.

After installation, TabCross sits on the right side of the browser window in form of a vertical sidebar that carries small buttons for Google, Gmail, Facebook, YouTube, Dropbox, Yahoo and Favorites. Favorites extend TabCross functionality a few notches by letting you add any website of your choice in order to have instant access to it in the sidebar. You can then simultaneously have access to two websites: one that’s loaded in your primary tab page, and the other, which looks more like a mobile version of a website, in the TabCross sidebar.


TabCross also keeps all you favorites in the cloud and synced across all your devices so you don’t have to customize everything from scratch when using a different computer. That said, you will need to sign in and integrate your Facebook account with this service to avail cloud syncing. Once done, you can easily set any custom site of your choice as a favorite. All you have to do is specify a page’s title as well as side, main and icon URLs, and hit save.


Although keeping a sidebar won’t be much of a problem in most modern widescreen displays, you can easily expanded and collapse TabCross with a click whenever required. Collapsing the sidebar rearranges the small tabs in vertical order to keep everything still accessible to you. Hitting any button restores the sidebar to its expanded state.


TabCross has another exciting feature up its sleeves, and that is the ability to open any website in a normal, larger view right from the sidebar. This can be done via clicking the small arrow button at the bottom-left of sidebar, upon which the full version of the webpage will be loaded in a popup area over your currently loaded tab.


TabCross is currently available for Firefox only, and we’re hoping it also lands for Chrome later down the road. You can download it via the link provided below.

Install TabCross for Firefox


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