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Hide & Restore All Inactive Firefox Tabs With A Click Using TabStash

All popular web browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Apple Safari employ tabs to accomodate several webpages at once, without users having to opening additional browser windows for each website. They make the whole process of exploring the web easier, more organized and less cumbersome. Firefox is deemed as the first major web browser to establish tabs as the norm in the industry, and now they are found among all browsers one can think of. But even though they are very useful, having too many tabs open at the same time can make them completely out of control. Previously, I’ve covered a handful of tabs-related extensions such as Closed Tabs, Veritabs and tabPreLoader to help you with tab management. If you’re looking for a way to hide and unhide your Firefox tabs with a single mouse click, give TabStash a try.

The ad-on is inspired by the previously reviewed OneTab for Chrome, and allows you to hide currently opened tabs in one click, and bring them back any time you want in a similar fashion. When installed, TabStash adds a ‘T’ button to the bottom-right corner of the browser, in the status bar. When you click on this icon, all the open tabs will vanish immediately, except for the currently selected one. Don’t worry about losing all of those tabs though; just click the same button again, and they will all be restored back to their original state. An extension like this can prove extremely handy when accessing the web on public PCs, when you’re just trying to preserve some privacy while other people around are visiting or looking at your screen.

TabStash Tabs

When you’re browsing with all your tabs open, TabStash’s button appears as a black T on the status bar with a transparent background. Upon hiding the tabs by clicking this button, it will  change into a blue T on a black background, indicating that tab hiding mode is active and clicking the button in this state will restore them.

AlL-Tabs-(1) No-Tabs-(1)

The only caveat we found with the extension is that upon restoring the tabs, all of the pertaining webpages are reloaded from scratch, which can end up wasting internet bandwidth and time, and also result in you losing any unsaved changes on pages with interactive elements. Other than that, it’s one of the best extensions for quickly sending your tabs to hiding. TabStash is available only for Mozilla Firefox, and can be downloaded from the following link.

Install TabStash for Firefox

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