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627.AM: Alarm App For Windows Phone With Weather & To-Do List Integration

The alarm clock functionality in Windows Phone 7 is enough to get the job done on most occasions, but it is very basic in its overall outlook, and does not have any extra features included either. You can use any feature phone to wake you up on time as well, so shouldn’t there be something extra in a smartphone’s alarm clock? If you agree with this, then you are sure to love 627.AM. It is a WP7 app that adds a lot of spice and usefulness to the concept of having an alarm clock on your Mango phone. 627.AM doesn’t just wake you up; it helps you get your day started properly. Most people take a look at the weather forecast soon after waking up, and with this handy little app, you will be presented with the temperature stats with each alarm, so that you don’t have to go to a separate app just to gauge the weather. Not only that, you can also create small to-do lists and pin them to the app’s main screen. This way, you can always be aware of your schedule for the day.

627.AM WP7 627.AM Daily Alarm 627.AM Settings

When you launch 627.AM for the first time, it starts off with a very neat and thorough tutorial. While these kind of tutorials abound in iOS apps, we haven’t seen much of them in WP7 and it is certainly nice to see developers taking Mango apps to the next level. So, once you have learnt everything about 627.AM, you are ready to create your own alarm list. We say list because with 627.AM, you will have to define an alarm time for each day separately. It is possible to skip any day of the week by hitting the alarm icon next to it and disabling the time altogether. With so many different alarms, the Turn Off All button at the bottom of the screen certainly helps. From the app’s Settings menu, you can choose your location (for weather), the temperature unit and the alarm sound (don’t expect any sounds that are different from the stock WP7 ones). Once your alarms are all set, hit the back button on your phone to go back to the main screen. The big green bar shows your the next alarm that is due, while the one below it is for weather. If you want to add a new task list to the page, hit the big ‘+’ button from the top right corner of the screen. It is possible to mark individual entries in your to-do list as done.

627.AM Weather Chart 627.AM Forecast

The weather menu in 627.AM is divided into two subsections. It is possible to view the week’s temperature in the form of a chart, while the other section of the weather menu features the 5-Day Forecast for your selected location. Even with so many features, the app has a quite uncluttered interface. So, if you are bored of waking up in the same old fashion, and want to give 627.AM a try, you can download it from the following web Marketplace link for free.

Download 627.AM for Windows Phone

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