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adidas miCoach For WP8 Guides You Through Workouts & Builds Stamina

Fitness buffs have some pretty decent apps at their disposal in the Windows Phone Store. Even back in the days of WP7, the platform had a word class fitness trainer in Endomondo, while more recent offerings include the likes of Caledos Runner. No matter how good an app is though, there are always people who are only comfortable with offerings from big brands. adidas miCoach certainly is from a big brand, but that’s not the only point that goes in its favor; the app also has a feature set that you might not find in most of its competitors. With miCoach, you get workout plans, training advice, and instructions in the voices of top athletes. Rather than making users choose the type and duration of workouts, adidas miCoach maps these things out automatically, starting with easy tasks and making things tougher as you go.

adidas miCoach WP8 Workout adidas miCoach WP8 Summary

An adidas account is needed in order to use miCoach. Singing up requires an email address, a screen name, and a new password. You have to verify your email address via the mail adidas sends you. The app comes with plenty of voice packs, including some that have been recorded in the voices of famous athletes like Andy Murray, Jessica Ennis, and Omar Gonzalez. To help you get started, adidas miCoach shows an example workout. Users can choose the music they want the app to play in the background for motivation. These tracks can be from your local collection, or streamed via Nokia Music. During a workout, you see the current speed, the number of calories that have been burnt, and the traversed distance. Upon finishing it, miCoach comes up with a summary of your workout. Users can make the summary even richer by adding information like the names of the start and end points via the app’s Foursquare integration. miCoach also lets you rate the workouts, and if you are using any adidas accessories, there is the option of adding them to the summary to keep an eye on product wear-and-tear.

adidas miCoach WP8 Home adidas miCoach WP8 Dashboard adidas miCoach WP8 Settings

For users of adidas premium services, there are plenty of different workout types on offer. You can choose to track your running sessions, exercises done in the gym, and other indoor/outdoor fitness activities. All the data from adidas miCoach gets synced with the service’s website.

To motivate users, the app unlocks different achievements once you start progressing in your workout routines. You can keep track of these by heading to the miCoach dashboard. In the settings you can configure different voice packs, measurement units, an app-specific passcode lock, and your default language.

adidas miCoach is a really comprehensive app, and we are sure anyone looking to get in shape is sure to find it useful. If you are on WP8, give it a go by heading to the following link.

Install adidas miCoach from Windows Phone Store

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