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AppVegas For WP7 Makes App Discovery Fun & Easy

The Windows Phone 7 Marketplace has finally started to grow at a reasonable pace, and is fast approaching the 100,000 mark. It is not always easy finding good apps when there are so many of them in an environment, and that is why there are a lot of app discovery tools available for WP7, like the previously covered App Flow (review). However, App Flow is not the only good app discovery tool out there for Mango users, and the newest sensation in this genre is AppVegas. Using this app, you can check out all the latest additions to the Marketplace with complete ease. You can browse through the app on the basis of categories, while it is also possible to define search perimeters of your own to find the perfect app. Details past the break.

AppVegas Wheel AppVegas Featured

The App Wheel section of AppVegas can be configured to view the apps that fulfill any desired criterion. The first segment of the wheel lets users select the genre of the app, the second one is there to let you define the perimeter that you want to use for sorting the search results, while the last part is related to pricing. You can lock one or all the of the segments of the wheel, and then shake your device to perform the search. The best match found by AppVegas is displayed at the bottom of the screen, and more can be viewed by tapping the button at the bottom right corner. The featured section of the app can be used to keep an eye out for all the new & trending apps in the market.

AppVegas Categories AppVegas Marketplace

If you are looking to browse AppVegas according to categories, swipe to the right of the screen and select any category of your choice. The categories are further divided into several genres. Each app you discover via AppVegas has a page of its own within the app, listing its description, reviews and screenshots. You can download the app to your device by hitting the blue button in the top right corner of the page. Of course, you can’t download apps directly, and the button will only guide you to the discovered app’s Marketplace page.

AppVegas might not be as thorough as App Flow or some of the other apps out there, but it is certainly the prettiest. It comes with a fully-featured free (although ad-supported) version, while ad-free version fetches for $2.49.

Download AppVegas (Free)

Download AppVegas

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