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ARTistic: A Photo-Sharing Platform For Serious Photographers [WP7]

A new photo-sharing service on any platform is no big news these days, as there are already many such apps on iOS, Android and even Windows Phone 7. The concept has become so commonplace that several subcategories and niches of photo-related social networks have come into being. ARTistic is a WP7 app that explores a new genre of photo sharing, as it is focused entirely on images that have been shot by serious photographers. If you are looking for photos of food or those in-front-of-the-mirror portraits, ARTistic is certainly not your type of app. You can download any image to your device using ARTistic, and use it as a wallpaper for your Mango phone. Read on to know more about this ARTistic photo-sharing app.

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If you intend to review photos or add to the app’s collection yourself, create a new profile for ARTistic. Doing so requires nothing more than a new nickname and a few other particulars. After that has been done, you are free to benefit from all the features offered by the app. The first section that comes up when you launch the app is the What’s Hot gallery, listing all the popular images shared by other users. Swiping to the right will bring you to most recent shares, while if you want to browse through ARTistic category-wise, navigate to explore. There are a limited number of categories in the app, and that helps users in finding relevant images quickly. If you have created an app account, it is possible to rate any picture, and leave your comments for it. You can also flag an image, or share it over your social network. To populate your personal collection, just add it to Favorites, and if the original poster of the photo has added the option, it is also possible to download an image to your camera roll.

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If you start uploading your own images to ARTistic, this will be reflected in the statistics menu of your profile. That menu shows data related to your app usage and popularity. It is not possible to upload images directly from the camera to the app, and you have to choose one from the camera roll of your device. ARTistic presents users with the option to make their images downloadable or private. You also have to select a category for the photo before uploading it to your gallery.

ARTistic is a free app, and you can grab it for your Mango phone by heading to the following web Marketplace link.

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