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Base For Windows Phone: Manage Your Business Deals, Contacts & Tasks

There are many businesses that have attained success just because of having good management and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) capabilities. No customer is going to like it if their order is not delivered to them on time, and vendors go to great lengths to ensure efficiency in their business system. Technology can certainly help a lot in making everything about your business streamlined, and there is no better way of handling such affairs on the go than having a decent smartphone app that can cater to all your management needs. The Windows Phone Marketplace might have grown at a good pace in recent times, but there is still a lot of room for new apps. If you are looking for an app that can really help you in CRM, there aren’t too many options available in WP7. However, the newly-released Base app has the potential to fill this void. The app deals with everything related to CRM, including contacts, deals and the assigning of tasks to people working with you. The thing that makes Base truly useful is its ability to sync all your data with the cloud, so that you can access the information whenever and wherever you want.

Base WP7 Dashboard Base WP7 Updates Base WP7 Tasks

In order to use Base, you will have to sign up for a new account for the service. Signing up requires your name, email ID and an app-specific password. After the account creation procedure is complete, the app will come up with a short tutorial explaining the complete features and working of Base. Although it is not necessary, it’s better if you begin using the app by adding all your contacts to the Contacts list in Base. Rather disappointingly, the app does not import contacts from your Mango phone, and you will have to enter them manually. However, you can import your Google account contacts to Base, but that can be done via the web version of the service only. So, once you have added all the relevant client details, you can start playing around with Base. The Dashboard section of the app gives an overview of all your activities, and from the bottom bar presented there, you can start adding to those activities any time you want. You can create tasks and notes, and assign them to anyone from your contacts. Base syncs everything with the cloud automatically after every few minutes, and you can also perform a manual sync simply by hitting the middle button in the bottom bar.

Base WP7 Deal Base WP7 Deals Base WP7 Deal Stages

Base has the capability to send reminders for pending tasks and upcoming deals. You can define everything about a deal, including its monetary scope, the stage it’s in and the source that led you to it. Base has a really good search button that can perform a universal search in the app. You just have to enter a term, and the app will come up with results regardless of their type and section.

Base is a free app, and if you are running a business that is in need of some help in terms of management, do give it a try.

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