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Basketball Live: Get NBA Scores, Tweets & Team Info On Windows Phone

With the exception of weather apps, Windows Phone’s live tiles are best utilized by apps that deal with sports. It is always nice to stay up to date with a game on the go, without even having to launch an app. It is probably due to this attribute of the platform that the Windows Phone Store has a pretty decent sports section. Although there is a Windows Phone app for almost all major sports, perhaps the most well-crafted apps deal with basketball. We have already covered the basketball stats tracking app, NBA Pro ‘12. Basketball Live is a new release that might appear pretty similar to NBA Pro at first glance, but it has its own unique positives. Basketball Live lets users pin any team to their Start screen as a secondary live tile. Not just that, you can use it to stay apprised of all the latest news and related tweets for any NBA team. Of course, no sports app is complete without live scores, and this feature is present in Basketball Live, too.

Basketball-Live-News Basketball Live News Story Basketball Live Settings

To personalize the whole experience, you can specify your favorite team in the settings menu, so that the items and news stories are displayed accordingly. The first section of the app that comes up after launch is News, where users can learn about all the latest happenings in the world of NBA. It is possible to browse through featured news stories by swiping across the photo area, or simply scrolling down the page. Tap the story that interests you the most to read or share it.

Basketball Live Scores Basketball Live Game

The Scores menu gets updated pretty regularly, but you can refresh it manually as well, simply by shaking your device. To view scores from past games, all you have to do is to change the date from the box at the top of the list. To view detailed scores and other match info, tap the score-line on the main page.

Basketball Live Teams Basketball Live Team News Basketball Live Twitter

Probably the most useful feature of Basketball Live is its Teams section. On this screen, you can view schedules and rosters for any NBA team, or simply take a look at the current situation of the points table. Each team page has got a tweets section that captures the Twitter feed of the team’s official account. The more menu at the bottom includes the aforementioned option to pin a team to the Start screen as a secondary tile.

Basketball Live League Leaders Basketball Live Player

For all the stats freaks out there, the app has a Leaderboards section. This sectopn is capable of settling many NBA-related arguments between you and your friends, since it can rank players on a number of basis (like total points, fouls, rebounds, etc.). Profiles for individual players can be accessed from anywhere in Basketball Live, simply by tapping their names.

Basketball Live is a free app, and is a must-have for all Windows Phone-using NBA fans.

Download Basketball Live For Windows Phone

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