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Bring Back The WP8 Music App To Windows Phone 8.1

Windows Phone 8.1 is a big overall improvement over its predecessor, but there are always bound to be some nostalgic users who miss the good, old times. While no one is likely to complain about the handy, new Action Center, or the beautiful way of managing the Start screen, there are some areas of WP8.1 that still need some improvements. For my part, the new look offered by the Music hub can get a little confusing at times. Even if you like it on the whole, it is hard to deny that you do need some time to adjust to its new scheme of options and screens. If you are really missing the Windows Phone 8 Music hub, but still want to keep hanging on to your WP8.1 update, there is now a fairly uncomplicated way of going about this. Music Hub Tile is a new release for WP8.1, and this app has the power to bring the abolished WP8 Music hub back from retirement.

Music Hub Tile WP8 OptionsYou don’t need to be a tech-wiz to use Music Hub Tile. Just launch the app once it has been installed and hit the ‘Pin Green Tile’ option. This makes it possible for the app to launch its own, older version of the Music hub every time the green Xbox Music tile is tapped. An alternative way of launching the legacy app is by going through the ‘Open Music Hub’ option within the Music Hub Tile app. For those who want the complete effect, Music Hub Tile offers the ability to pin a transparent tile for Music but to gain access to this option it is necessary to shell out $0.99 and update to the app’s pro version.

Music Hub Tile WP8 New Music Hub Tile WP8 Old

Even though the word ‘tile’ appears in this app’s name, Music hub’s live tile is the only thing that isn’t revamped by it. It is a different story inside the app though. Rather than two separate screens for ‘now playing’ and options list, Music Hub Tile combines them in a single view, just the way things have been for quite a long time in WP8. Even the bottom bar is changed, with the old list of buttons appearing there. The extra play button is available, too.

Music Hub Tile WP8 Revamp Music Hub Tile WP8 Store

If you are comparing usability between the two versions of the Music hub, the older variant wins on the ‘Now Playing’ view but it’s a different story when it comes to ‘get music’. WP8.1 has a very good-looking view of the music store, complete with album art from the currently trending songs. After Music Hub Tile’s installation though, you will only get a link to the spotlight and Xbox Music Pass.

Music Hub Tile is a nice app, though seeing an in-app purchase might be a bit of a disappointment for some users. Overall though, the app is definitely worth a shot if you have been critical of the revamped Music player in WP8.1.

Install Music Hub Tile From Windows Phone Store

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