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CamVintagizer: Cool Photo Effects & Camera Options For Windows Phone

Despite interface being Windows Phone’s strongest point, a lot of third-party apps in the Windows Phone Store are accused of being a bit too simple, or poorly made. Some go as far as saying that a few of the stock apps and menus in WP7 can use a little spicing up. The camera app in Windows Phone is quite simple, and lacks all but the most basic features. While it can be argued that the stock Camera app in iOS has even fewer features, WP7 lacks the the kind of third-party apps that make up for this deficiency in iOS. Things are always improving for the Mango platform though, with new and improved apps coming out in the WP Store all the time. CamVintagizer is a WP7 app that can be used a photo editor, as well as a replacement app for the stock Mango cam. The camera mode in this app offers an overlay grid, timer, flash control and choice of image resolution. CamVintagizer comes with an impressive collection of photo effects that can be applied on both camera roll photos, and shots takes from within the app.

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Although you can link your Facebook profile to CamVintagizer if you want to get fast sharing options, no sign up is required to use the app. The Select Photo area features all the photos stored in your phone’s camera roll, and you can begin editing any photo with a single tap. Other than this tiled view of your photo library, you can always use the From gallery button to open the Pictures hub and select the photo to which you want to apply the effect. The other option provided on this page is From camera that will take you to the app’s own camera, rather than Windows Phone’s stock one.

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The camera in CamVintagizer has 5 options. The first button lets you switch between central focus, and manual focus. To control the camera flash, use the second button in the option list. The timer can be configured for a delay of 2, 5 or 10 seconds. To choose the resolution you want to use to snap a photo, hit the arrow button. The two available options are 640X480 and 1600X1200. Once a photo has been snapped, you will be taken to the effects menu in CamVintagizer. All the available effects are sorted into different categories, and to keep track of all your favorite ones, you can add particular effects to your favorites. All the effects available in CamVintagizer are quite realistic, and you won’t find any cartoon-like filters in the app. Once you are satisfied with the edited version of the photo, it can be saved to the camera roll or shared on Facebook.

CamVintagizer is a free app, and can become your favorite camera/photo editor for Windows Phone. The only area where the app can use some improvement is its interface, but apart from that, CamVintagizer has everything you can hope to have in a app of this genre.

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