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Collaborative Project Manager Papirus Comes To Windows Phone

iOS and Android both have a lot of project management tools available, including smartphone clients of big names like Basecamp as well as several lesser-known names. On the other hand, the best options Windows Phone users have ever had in this regard so far are apps like Trelllizzo, which is a fairly basic Trello client useful for creating task lists and inviting your friends to help you get through them. This is not the same as having a proper project management tool by any means, which is why Papirus is such an important release for WP7 and WP8. This project manager has been around on the web for quite some time, garnering a reasonable fanbase owing to its comprehensiveness and the way it lets multiple users take control of a project. The Windows Phone app doesn’t disappoint at all, and isn’t very different from its web counterpart. You can even attach any file you want with tasks from sources like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box.net and your device’s camera roll.

Existing Papirus users can sign in to the app from the welcome screen, but even if you are new to the service, signing up is easy and takes nothing more than your email address, personal details and a new password. It is also possible to register using a Google apps account. From the main page of Papirus, you can access your inbox, read announcements, and create new projects. If you want to join an existing project from one of your contacts, add them to your network by heading to the ‘Contacts’ section of the app.

Papirus WP Papirus WP Project Papirus WP Task

Each Papirus project comprises of several tasks. Tasks in the app have a due date, the name of people who have to approve any changes, and as many attachments as the project’s creator wants. To start one of your own, hit the ‘+’ button from the bottom bar inside the ‘Projects’ menu. For each project, you have to define a name, urgency level, and privacy. It is also possible to invite collaborators from your address book. It is up to the project manager to decide whether all users get to close tasks, or only a select few.

Papirus WP Attach Sources Papirus WP GDrive Papirus WP Pending

When it comes to attachments, Papirus is a pleasure to use. The supported sources include camera roll, Dropbox, Box.net, Google Drive, and SkyDrive. Apart from the camera roll, you can load any type of file from other sources, even if their format is not supported by Windows Phone.

Papirus is perfect for use in conjunction with the service’s desktop version, and you get notifications for everything including new invites, announcements, task completions, and pending tasks. Your Papirus inbox is also always at your fingertips with the WP app. Papirus works with both Mango and Windows Phone 8, which has become a rarity in recent times. The app is free, and as long as you need to interact with no more than 25 users, you don’t have to pay for the service either. For more than that, there’s the Premium version available at $5 per month per user, that you can purchase from the Papirus website.

Install Papirus from Windows Phone Store

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