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MovieJax: Create, & Edit Videos, Add Pictures, Text, And Custom Sound [Windows Phone]

While the Windows Phone Store is teeming with photo editors, there aren’t too many choices when it comes to video editing. There are a few niche apps like the recently covered Sport Camera, but a lack of comprehensive apps of this genre has been noticeable for quite some time now. MovieJax is a new release, with the potential of catering to all the moviemaking needs of WP8 users. The app works only with Windows Phone 8.1, owing to its dependency on some new features of the update. You can merge video clips, photos, music and text slides in videos created with MovieJax. This video editor is not as feature-rich as some of the moviemakers on other platforms, but that only serves the purpose of keeping MovieJax easy to use and simplistic.

MovieJax WP8 Home

MovieJax comes with a video recorder of its own, but if you want to get the most out of it there is the ‘Projects’ section. Once you start on a project, it becomes possible to throw in video clips, photos, music snippets, and text slides into your movie. A project can be initiated from a newly shot video, or simply by selecting a media file from your phone’s memory.

MovieJax WP8 Camera

The MovieJax camera has a radial control panel, which is reminiscent of Camera360. This options list can be brought up by hitting the gear icon in the bottom bar. There are multiple video quality levels, ranging from 1080p to VGA. Brightness level of the recording can also be altered thanks to the second layer of options. In situations where you want to enter a personal message into your movie, using the front-facing camera might be necessary. To serve this purpose, MovieJax comes with support for both front and rear cams.

MovieJax WP8 Timeline MovieJax WP8 Add

To add a new media or text file to your slideshow, hit the ‘+’ button on the main project timeline. This brings up options to add different media types to a movie. There are separate editing screens for videos, photos and text. There aren’t too many options in any of them, but that means you can get the end product more quickly and without much hassle.

MovieJax WP8 Trim MovieJax WP8 Text

To give your movies a background sound, MovieJax isn’t limited to just the Music hub and allows users to pick tracks from any part of their phone’s memory.

For video clips added to movies, you can control the sound level to give your background music precedence over the added video’s own sound. The option of trimming the clip is also present. When it comes to text slides, there is no way of changing the text color or font, but the background tile can be edited. The duration for which the slide stays on screen can be selected from the slider available at the bottom of the editing screen.

MovieJax is missing photo editing options, which might have made the app even better than it currently is. For now, you can only change the duration for which a picture shows up during a movie.

Once you are done adding all the necessary components to your movie, the sharing options allow you to save it to the camera roll or post the video to your social network. If you are using the free version of MovieJax, it only allows the creation of video clips that are up to 30 seconds in length. Anything longer than that requires a one-time in-app purchase of $2.49.

If MovieJax sounds interesting, head to the link provided below and give it a go.

Install MovieJax From Windows Phone Store

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