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How To Create Folders For Apps & Settings On Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8

“Where are the app folders?” is a question that new Windows Phone users often ask, specially if they are making the switch from Android or iOS. Even though the way Windows Phone is laid out, folders lose some of their importance, but anyone who likes organization is sure to still want a way to arrange their apps just the way they want. On WP7 and Mango, homebrew solutions like Folders allowed users to have this organizational freedom over their devices, but WP8 has been missing something like that until now. It seems like Nokia has finally taken note of the feature’s high demand, and decided to come up with an official solution to the lack of folders on the platform. App Folder is a Lumia-exclusive release that allows users to create folders on Windows Phone 8. Thanks to this app, you can put multiple apps and settings shortcuts in folders bearing the names of your choice.

App Folder WP8 Home

App Folder doesn’t make life as simple as dragging an app’s tile on top of another’s to put them into a folder, but it isn’t too complicated either. The app’s main page has a ‘+’ icon in the bottom bar, which can be used to create new folders. The app’s main screen always makes it possible for users to have a central place where all folders can be arranged without having to open each one separately.

App Folder WP8 Apps App Folder WP8 Settings

The first step to make a folder is to give it a name. App Folder allows users to create as many folders as they want, and choose both apps and setting shortcuts to be placed inside them. Simply swipe your way down the list of all available apps and settings, and keep tapping the ones you want to place in the folder that is currently being created. To help you find the apps you are looking for, App Folder comes with a search option. You can also sort the apps by their installation date or alphabetically in order to find the ones you’re looking for.

App Folder WP8 Edit App Folder WP8 Tile

Once all the shortcuts have been added to a folder, you can change their order by dragging them around on the editing screen. Once you are satisfied, hit the pin icon from the bottom bar. The tiles created by App Folder can assume any of the three sizes offered in WP8. Each folder’s tile shows icons of the apps contained within it, though it would be perfect if App Folder gets updated to handle notifications as well, and comes up with a live tile of its own.

App Folder is a handy little app that can certainly lend a lot of extra usability to your Nokia Lumia. Give this free app a go by heading to the link provided below.

Install App Folder From Windows Phone Store

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