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Get Daily Amazon, Woot & Newegg Shopping Deals On WP7 With Deal Flux

A few months back, we covered a Windows Phone 7 app named Quixby Deals (review). That app focused on integrating deals from various sources, so that you can shop for everything in a more economical manner. While Quixby is a pretty good app, its developers have come up with an even more convenient and efficient app for letting users find the best deals from different stores. If you choose to use Deal Flux on your Mango phone, the app will ensure that you don’t have to do anything yourself, as it comes with live tile support, displaying the best deals of the day on your phone’s Start screen. Another plus point of the Deal Flux app is its integration of Woot, 1saleaday, Newegg and Amazon. Rather than pelting its users with tons of useless data, Deal Flux just presents the best deals of the day, along with detailed descriptions of each product.

Deal Flux WP7 Woot Deal Flux WP7 1saleday Deal Flux WP7 Amazon Newegg

Although Deal Flux chooses the best deal of the day to show to you, it is still possible to customize the app to a certain extent. You can choose different genres from which you want to receive deal alerts. For example, if you want to view the day’s best deal for jewellery items, just go to the settings menu of the app (from the bottom bar of the main screen) and toggle on notifications for jewellery items. In this manner, all the 3 main pages of Deal Flux can be personalized in any way you want. Deal Flux has the following main sections.

  • Woot
  • 1saleaday
  • Amazon + Newegg

Each tile on the deal pages of the app shows the deal’s name, reduced price and a snapshot of the item. A small moniker specifies the genre of the product. The best thing about Deal Flux is the fact that the offered deals are updated on regular basis, and you will never be disappointed when you visit the app’s main page.

Deal Flux Product Deal Flux Product Details Deal Flux WP7 Settings

Whenever you tap a deal tile within the Deal Flux app, you will be taken to that item’s product page. The product page consists of its image, price and other tax info. Below the pricing details, you can learn all about the deal that is currently being offered on the product. The Buy Now button will take you to the source’s main purchase page in Internet Explorer. Swiping to the right of the screen will bring you the details section of the product. The details page tells you all about the specs and other particulars of the object, and is usually accompanied by a short, story-like usage scenario of it. Deal Flux relies upon color-coding in order to easily let you distinguish between different product genres. As stated earlier, you can enable and disable different deal types from the settings menu of Deal Flux, and from that same menu, you can access the option to pin a certain deal category to your WP7’s Start screen (just toggle on the live tile button next to your favorite deal sources).

Deal Flux is designed to help you save money, and so it makes sense that the app itself is available as a free download in the web Marketplace.

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