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Discover Content & Create Posts With The Official Tumblr App For WP8

It has become pretty much the norm for Windows Phone versions of apps to be quite different from their iOS and Android counterparts. WP has a unique interface featuring live tiles instead of icons, along with side-scrolling screens that focus on content rather than the UI elements themselves, and many developers feel compelled to take full advantage of these features. Recently though, the trend has started shifting and we saw that the official LinkedIn app got updated with a new interface that makes the app look similar to its other mobile versions. The Tumblr app for Windows Phone has just been released today, and it looks a lot like the iPhone version of the service as well. A few things are missing from Tumblr for WP8 but overall, the app gives a pretty good account of itself.

Tumblr WP Explore Tumblr WP Browse Tumblr WP Search

The welcome page of Tumblr for WP8 has options to let new users register for an account, or sign in using their existing credentials. The ‘Dashboard’ section of the app shows up as soon as you log in. This screen consists of a stream of updates from all users you are following on Tumblr. Full posts are shown on the main screen, and there is no need to open a post in a separate view unless you want to add a note to it.

The app offers full GIF support – a feature the iOS version of Tumblr only recently acquired. Animations show up in Dashboard, Explore, search results and even user profiles. If you are wondering where all these sections are located in the app, take a look at the bottom of the screen to find the search button. The remaining sections can be accessed simply by swiping across the screens.

Tumblr WP Post Tumblr WP Edit Tumblr WP Publish

To create a new post, tap the first icon at the bottom of the screen. There are six ways you can start composing a new post. The available options include text, photo, quote, link, chat and video. In chat mode, whatever you share is only visible to the chosen recipients. For media sharing, Tumblr supports attaching files from the camera roll or start shooting with your camera without having to exit the app. To help you keep your profile neat and well-organized, Tumblr for WP8 supports the service’s tagging system in its entirety. Publishing options include scheduling posts for a later time or saving them to drafts. If you associate multiple profiles with the app, you can post to any of them by selecting the one you want from the ‘Publish To’ section.

Tumblr only works with WP8 devices, since it offers features like resizable live tiles and placing latest images from your stream on the lock screen. The app is available for free, and can be found at the link given below.

Download Tumblr For Windows Phone

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