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Disqus Releases Its First Mobile App & It’s For Windows Phone

All bloggers and most of their avid readers must be aware of the amazingly useful Disqus platform that has become near-ubiquitous for blog commenting. The service is great for those wishing to easily manage discussion threads on their website, and for readers who don’t want to create a new account for every blog they follow and comment on. Most major services have their smartphones apps these days, but Disqus has been a clear absentee from the app collections of all mobile platforms. Rumors of an official Disqus client have been flying around for a few days, but we are sure not many expected to see it land on Windows Phone before any other platform. The app just arrived, and is surprisingly good. You get real-time push notifications, live tile support, a complete feed of activities containing posts from those you follow and of course, a full-featured dashboard for moderators.

Disqus WP Dashboard Disqus WP Explore Disqus WP Discussions

There is a walkthrough video on the app’s welcome page, but you can also skip that and just read written instructions from the Disqus team before getting started. Once you sign in to your account, the ‘dashboard’ section is the first to show up. Apart from all the usual sections, the Disqus client for Windows Phone has a ‘Completeness’ option that depicts the regularity with which you use the app. The app is really detailed, and you can do just about everything that is possible from the service’s web version. From the app’s settings menu, you can manage notifications, choose the number of comments that appear in one view, and edit your profile.

If you just like to browse Disqus for discussions related to topics of your interest, the ‘Explore’ screen in perfect for you. Popular discussion threads as well as discussions from various genres can be discovered here, thanks to the colorful tiles listed in the section. You can contribute your own thoughts to a thread, or bookmark it for later. There is also a search button that can help you find a particular topic not listed under the default tiles.

Disqus WP Profile Disqus WP Moderate Disqus WP Notifications

If you moderate the comments section of more than one websites, Disqus for Windows Phone allows you to switch between multiple dashboards quite easily, while your profile is a good place to view the combined feeds from your blogs in one place.

During the course of moderating threads, you can sort comments based on their present status (pending, approved, deleted, etc.). Tapping any entry lets you access detailed options for it, depending upon your privilege level.

When it comes to notifications, the Disqus app really stands out. All your past notifications are available in the app’s repository, while incoming notifications get through without a hiccup even if you are on the lock screen. In case you miss the banner, the app’s live tile is sure to remind you that there is some new activity on your profile waiting for you.

The Disqus app works on both Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8. You can grab it for free by heading to the link provided below.

Download Disqus For Windows Phone

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