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Download Tons Of Free Backgrounds For Your WP8 With Wallpaper Sky

Windows Phone 8 has managed to revolutionize the way wallpapers are viewed, at least by users of the platform. With WP8, you no longer have to go through Flickr or perform lengthy Google Image searches in order to get a decent background for your phone’s lock screen; any image-related app (Shoopix, for example) can automatically change your wallpaper by choosing photos from its own collection. Even apps like NBC News come with lock screen support, which can help users keep their device from getting too boring. So, in this scenario, not many people are likely to want an app that is solely for wallpapers, but Wallpaper Sky might make you fall for it anyway. The app has an amazingly large collection of wallpapers, encompassing just about any category you can possibly think of. In addition, it also has the capability of automatically cycling through random images on your lock screen.

Wallpaper Sky WP8 Featured Wallpaper Sky WP8 Search Wallpaper Sky WP8 Hot

Upon launch, Wallpaper Sky shows you a few featured categories and photos. Each entry on the ‘features’ page has a few lines of description, along with the total number of likes it has received from Wallpaper Sky users. Each day brings new featured content, but you can browse through older content as well, simply by scrolling down the page. If you want more wallpapers, using the search button is always a good place to start. The Wallpaper Sky search menu is quite thorough, and lets you look into the app’s own collection as well as images available on Flickr. The most popular search tags are also pinned in this section.

To browse through different categories available in Wallpaper Sky, just swipe to the right from the app’s main screen. Each category is divided into subsections like ‘hot’, ‘recommended’ and ‘new’. The listed photo shows the number of times it has been downloaded so far.

Wallpaper Sky WP8 Daily Wallpaper Sky WP8 Viewer Wallpaper Sky WP8 Preview

Wallpaper Sky is updated quite frequently, there is even a ‘daily’ section that offers a set of wallpapers related to a certain theme each day. You can browse through these collections and download any picture you like. The image viewer in Wallpaper Sky is pretty great, and lets you get a preview of any photo in a full imitation of the lock screen. You can also download these wallpapers to your device, set them as your wallpaper directly, or just add to your favorites. Photos can also be shared over social media or through SMS email or NFC.

To make the app randomly change your wallpaper, head to the Settings app and choose Wallpaper Sky as the default app for your lock screen. Wallpaper Sky is available for free, and has recently been made available for WP8 (the Mango version has been around for a long time). The developer has advised that if you have been using an older version of the app on your phone, you should uninstall it before getting the new one.

Install Wallpaper Sky from Windows Phone Store

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