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Improve Your Windows Phone’s Battery Life With Eco

Although Windows Phone features a battery saver mode in the Settings menu, most users aren’t really satisfied with it, and claim that it is not very useful in prolonging battery life. You can take matters in your own hands as well, and kill background tasks linked to several apps, but shouldn’t there be some way of automatically entering an effective power-saver mode? Thankfully, you can now use Eco, a new Homebrew app that aims to increase your phone’s battery life considerably, without any help from the user. You will need an interop unlocked device in order to use Eco, but once you have flashed it to your phone, you will not have to do anything else except launching the app once to make it optimize your device’s battery usage. The app lets you manually kill background tasks, or temporarily disable your Windows Phone’s sensors while it is not in use.

Eco WP7Eco is just in its experimental phase for now, so don’t be too disappointed if you happen to stumble across a few blemishes here and there. Having said that, there shouldn’t be any danger to your due to the app, as the it doesn’t mess with the hardware or alter registry values. If any thing, it is sure to make your phone a bit faster than before, owing to the fact that Eco frees up your device’s RAM and removes excess tasks from it. This has the dual effect of making your device more efficient and conserving battery.

However, that is not the only step taken by Eco to optimize battery consumption. The Homebrew also disables most of the device sensors (at least all those that aren’t needed constantly), and automatically kills unneeded processes. If you want to automate the usage of Eco, launch the app and hit the run eco button. If you’d rather optimize your device’s battery consumption only when needed, you may use the app’s manual options section, which contains toggles for the aforementioned options, Turn off sensors and Kill unneeded processes .

As mentioned above, Eco is a work in progress, and its users have been asked to provide the app’s developer with feedback. Only time will tell if the Homebrew really does conserve power or not. So, if you do have a developer unlocked device with root privileges, do give Eco a try. The link provided below will take you to its download page over at Windows Phone Hacker.

Download Eco

[via WPHacker]

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