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Edge Browser For WP8 Offers Gestures, Extensions & A Full-Screen Mode

Most Windows Phone users just go with using Internet Explorer on their devices, as it comes with almost all the features an average user is likely to need. There are also  few alternatives like Nokia Xpress and GetThemAll available for the platform, which have their own uses, but for the most part, a true IE-replacement for WP8 has yet to gain popularity. Edge Browser might not have garnered much attention so far, but certainly deserves it. The browser comes with a unique UI, focusing on presenting a permanent full-screen mode. All the buttons and menus can be accessed via gestures. The app has multiple tabs, supports incognito mode, and even comes with a fledgling extensions store of its own.

Edge Browser WP8 Edge Browser WP8 Options Edge Browser WP8 Settings

As advised on Edge Browser’s starting page, new users shouldn’t skip the main tutorial of the app, as there are no visible buttons in the browser and most of the actions are accomplished via gestures. There are two rows of options at either edge of the screen. Swipe inwards from the right edge to bring up settings for the browser’s default search engine, user agent, auto complete, themes, and downloads. If the gesture zone is too thin for your liking, it is possible to increase its width from this menu. Edge Browser supports most of the popular search engines, including Google, DuckDuckGo and Bing. You can also set any webpage you want as your homepage.

To open a new tab without disturbing the current page, swipe inward from the bottom-left of the screen. To access all the tabs that are currently open, head to the right menu and swipe across the settings screen. The same menu houses entries for current tabs and bookmarks.

Whenever a user long-presses any link, options like copying the URL, adding it to bookmarks or viewing in a new tab show up. Other options in this section of the browser’s settings allow users to save pages for offline viewing. A zoom slider is present as well, which can be used if you are having trouble reading some text on a page.

Edge Browser WP8 Tabs Edge Browser WP8 Extensions

Edge Browser has an extensions store of its own, but for now, there are only two available entries in it: a shortcut for creating a mobile-optimized version, and another to download audio from YouTube. The developer behind Edge offers users to create their own extensions if they have a basic understanding of XML and JavaScript.

The free version of Edge Browser has a couple of limitations, like the lack of offline reading and an ever-present ads area at the bottom of the screen. If you want to get rid of these, dish out $1.99 and purchase the app’s pro variant. Both versions of Edge Browser are designed to work only on Windows Phone 8 devices. Give them a go by clicking the following links.

Install Edge Browser Free From Windows Phone Store

Install Edge Browser From Windows Phone Store

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