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Face Retouching App Perfect365 Makes Its Way To Windows Phone 8

Perfect365 started off as a desktop application, and has had a mobile presence for quite a while now as well. The service has pretty decent apps for iOS and Android, but a few Windows Phone users started anticipating the app’s arrival on Microsoft’s mobile platform when Perfect365 for Windows 8 came out. The anticipation wasn’t unfounded at all, it seems, since the app is now available in the WP Store. Having used most Perfect365 apps, I must say that the WP8 app is actually better than other mobile appsof the service. The interface is really neat, making the process of configuring the editing points on the face quite easy. In addition, you can also make any face look prettier by applying one of the predefined filters available in Perfect365.

Perfect365 WP8 Home Perfect365 WP8 Points

The basic features offered by Perfect365 for WP8 are quite similar to those available in the iOS app, but the way things are presented is completely different. For one thing, you don’t have to go through a lengthy tutorial before getting down to the actual editing. The main page of the app offers a few sample photos that can help you learn some editing basics. To beautify photos from your personal collection, hit the ‘Choose Picture’ tile. It is also possible to snap a picture from within the app and then edit it straight away.

As is the case with all Perfect365 apps, the first step is to define key facial points. The app is pretty good at automatically arranging these points but even if you find a few of them to be a little off, you can manually drag them around to position them appropriately, as instructed in the example image.

Perfect365 WP8 Filters Perfect365 WP8 Edit Perfect365 WP8 Share

If you aren’t in the mood for thorough editing, simply use one of the predefined styles. You can preview each of them before application by swiping across the screen. To edit the face manually though, use the options provided in the bottom bar. You can change skin tone, eye color, the shape of lips, the size of nose and just about all facial features that define the appearance of a person’s face. Once you are satisfied with the edited version of the image, bring up the bottom menu and save it. The sharing options take you to a list of all compatible services you are using on your device. To make Perfect365 a little more Windows Phone-like, the app has an option for letting users set any edited photo as the lock screen background right from within the app.

Perfect365 WP8 Before Perfect365 WP8 After

Perfect365 works only with Windows Phone 8 devices, so those of you with older versions of the OS are out of luck. Give the app a try by heading to link below – it is free after all.

Download Pefect365 For Windows Phone

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