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TweetReader Lets You Follow Twitter Users Without An Account

The idea of being able to follow someone on Twitter without their becoming aware of it might sound a bit unfair at first, but the truth of the matter is, public accounts on Twitter are meant to be used that way. Most celebrities who use Twitter have got millions of followers, and there is no reason they should ever want to know who reads their tweets. If you are privacy-conscious, it is possible to make your profile private, but most people don’t use Twitter that way. However, the public availability of tweets sounds a bit pointless if you can’t read them without openly following someone. If you don’t want to do that, or simply don’t have a Twitter account, there are a few services and apps that let you keep track of tweets from any public profile anonymously. We have previously covered TwittStalker for jailbroken iOS devices, which is a Twitter client that does not require any sign up or access to your account. Now, the same functionality is available to Windows Phone users as well, thanks to an app named TweetReader. With this app, you can stay in touch with the latest trending topics on Twitter for any region of the world, and of course, TweetReader for WP7 lets you search for, and follow, any public profile or even a particular topic.

TweetReader WP7 TimelineTweetReader WP7 ProfileTweetReader WP7 Trends

To start populating the timeline in TweetReader, hit the Following button in the bottom bar, and search for any user you want. You can key in the exact Twitter handle, or just a generic term in order to look for people you want to follow. Once you have added a few people to the app’s timeline, you can go to the Suggestions area and look for similar accounts. The suggestion menu is further subdivided into different categories, and you can come across the most popular accounts for genres like Music, Entertainment, Technology etc. To view the topics that are currently trending on Twitter, swipe to the right of the timeline screen. By hitting the button located in the bottom bar of the trending topics menu, users can change the location for which they want to view the trends (set to Worldwide by default).

The thing that makes TweetReader useful for existing Twitter users is its Search section. If you want to follow a topic rather than an account, just save the keyword or phrase in the search menu, and you can view all the latest tweets related to it any time you want. While this search feature, along with the anonymous following, makes TweetReader a pretty good app, its interface can certainly use a major revamp.

TweetReader is a free app, and you can grab it by heading to the Windows Phone Store link provided below.

Download TweetReader For Windows Phone


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