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Get Galaxy S4’s Dual Camera Photo Capture On Windows Phone 8

The importance of front-facing cameras in smartphones has increased manifolds due to apps like Tango and Skype, but there are other perks of having cameras on both sides of your phone. Front cameras make sure you don’t have to hand your device to strangers when you want to take a picture of yourself, or even use the front cam as a handy mirror every once in a while. Despite all these advantages though, there are some things that even two cameras can’t accomplish. While taking a group photo, there always has to be one person who is forced to assume the responsibilities of a photographer and is left out of the picture. iOS and Android already have a few apps that can solve this problem by simultaneously activating front and rear cams to take a photo with both views. Signature Camera is a perfect example of this, while eyeReport is based on the same principle as well. It is good to see that a similar app is now finally available for Windows Phone. With Dual Cam Photo, users can easily add a shot from the front camera every time they take a picture from the rear one.

Dual Cam Photo Home Dual Cam Photo PIP

Dual Cam Photo does not support touch-to-capture, and you have to use the app’s own ‘capture’ button located in the bottom bar. It is entirely up to users whether they want to shoot with the front or rear camera first. To switch between the two, simply swipe across the screen. From the app’s ‘viewer’ screen, images can be shared to any network configured on your device. You don’t have to worry about saving photos to the camera roll, since Dual Cam Photo does that automatically.

Dual Cam Photo Common Settings Dual Cam Photo Camera Settings

The style in which the final photo shows up can be customized a great deal. From the settings section, it is possible to choose the capture delay for the secondary camera. You can separately alter settings like flash, shutter sound and scene mode for both rear and front cameras. If you want a Picture-in-Picture end result, choose different resolutions for both cameras; otherwise, it is also possible to give both photos equal space.

For an app with such a simple purpose, using Dual Cam Photo can get a bit twisted. In theory, you just have to launch the app, capture a photo, and then wait for it to countdown to the secondary capture. However, pretty often the countdown doesn’t show up, or even if it does, the photos don’t appear in the gallery later. According to the developer, these issues can be fixed by tinkering with some of the default options in the app, or using the app’s reset option to start from scratch.

Dual Cam Photo is a free app and works only with Windows Phone 8. Do give it a go, and you are sure to appreciate it whenever you shoot your next group photo.

Download Dual Cam Photo For Windows Phone

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