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Not A Verizon Customer? Get Halo: Spartan Assault For Windows Phone 8 On Any Carrier Right Now

Halo: Spartan Assault has been among the most wanted games for Windows Phone, and now that it is finally out, a lot of people are really disappointed to see that they have to wait 30 days more to get their hands on it unless they are on Verizon. Well, the WP8 community might not be as large as the Android one, but it still pretty good at coming up with workarounds for problems of this kind. With a little bit of extra effort, you can get your hands on Halo: Spartan Assault right now, regardless of the network you are currently on! The hack makes use of Fiddler 2 (the latest version of the tool we have covered in the past) in order to fool your device into thinking that it is on Verizon. We have seen the combination of Fiddler and Windows Phone in the past to let you enable the Zune Marketplace and creating direct download links of apps before the Windows Store had a web presence.

The main aim here is to spoof your WiFi connection’s settings, as Windows Phone doesn’t support using a VPN directly. Here is everything you need to do after you have downloaded and installed the free Fiddler 2 tool.

  1. Launch Fiddler 2 and wait for a few seconds while the tool gets all of its processes in motion.
  2. Look in the top options bar of Fiddler, and click ‘Tools’ followed by ‘Fiddler Options’.


  1. Switch to the HTTPS tab and check the ‘Decrypt HTTPS traffic’ option under it. This triggers several dialog boxes as Fiddler installs a few certificates to your computer. Make sure you allow the tool to make these installations, which might involve temporarily disabling the firewall.


  1. Enable the ‘Allow remote computers to connect’ option under ‘Connections’.


  1. Restart Fiddler 2.


  1. Once Fiddler is running again, hit CTRL+R to open the CustomRules file.
  2. Using CTRL+F, look for a function named ‘OnBeforeRequest’.
  3. Inside the function, you have to add the following condition:
    if (oSession.uriContains("marketplaceedgeservice.windowsphone.com") && oSession.uriContains("&moId=att-us&")) { oSession.url = oSession.url.Replace("&moId=att-us&", "&moId=vzw-us&"); }
  4. Connect your PC and phone to the same WiFi netowrk.
  5. Make sure you know your computer’s current IP address, and launch Internet Explorer on your WP8.
  6. Enter the following address in IE, replacing <PC’s IP> with the actual IP address of your computer.
    https://<PC’s IP>:8888/FiddlerRoot.cer
  7. After performing the previous step, you should now see a certificate ready to be installed on your phone. Go ahead with its installation, which gets initiated with a single tap on the on-screen icon.
  8. Search for Halo: Spartan Assault in the WP Store on your phone but don’t start the purchase process just yet.

Halo Spartan Assault

  1. Turn off the proxy server from the WiFi settings, and close Fiddler as well.

Now you can start downloading the $6.99 game on your device, and even if you change the WiFi connection midway, the download should continue without hiccups. The hack should make the game available for people on all carriers, so give it a go and see if it works for you.

[via Reddit]

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  1. I tried it, and the fiddler cert installed just fine. When I get to the step of searching in the Windows Phone store it refuses to find Halo: Spartan Assault. Dammit Verizon/Microsoft/Whole world! I want Halo!!!! 🙁

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