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Get SMS Preview & Badge Count On The Messaging Live Tile In WP7

Rooting your Windows Phone 7 might reduce the overall stability of the device, but most people aren’t likely to notice that, thanks to the awesomeness Homebrew apps can bring to your Mango phone. You can get a lot of cosmetic and productive customizations for your WP7 if you have an interop unlock. Developed by Windows Phone Hacker, SMS Tile is a new homebrew that changes the overall behavior of the Messaging live tile in WP7. By default, the live tile only shows the total count of unread messages, and the smiley changes its mood with respect to the amount of messages in your inbox (winking on a new text, amazed at a lot of new texts and sad when a delivery fails). SMS Tile takes away the emoticon from the Messaging tile, and replaces it with a preview of your last unread message, while revamping the badge as well. The app doesn’t affect the banner text notifications, and you can learn all about SMS Tile by heading past the break.

SMS TileSMS Tile does not change the original Messaging tile, but rather, provides you with an alternative for it. Once you have flashed the SMS Tile XAP file to your WP7 device, you can unpin the stock Messaging tile from your Start screen (although that is not necessary). To pin the new live tile, just run the Homebrew once from the app list. It will close automatically, giving you a new live tile on your Windows Phone 7’s Start screen.

Each time you receive a new text message, the banner notification will be displayed as usual, but the Messaging tile gets updated to show a black badge (rather than the usual white one), and the remaining portion of the live tile will present a preview of any incoming message. For a lot of people (including us), the Homebrew failed to work at the first attempt. To fix that, just unpin SMS Tile while there are still unread texts in your inbox. Now, launch the app again, and the situation should/will be fixed when the next text is received.

SMS Tile is a Homebrew app that can be downloaded for free. You can still use the original live tile even if you have got SMS Tile on your WP7 device, so there’s no downside to using the Homebrew. You can download the required XAP file from the link provided below.

Download SMS Tile

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