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Get The Latest Technology News With Official The Register App For WP7

The Register is a popular UK-based news publication, dealing specifically with technology and gadgets. If you are a fan of The Register, then you must have noticed that the service doesn’t have any mobile version, and navigating through the cluttered full site on your Windows Phone 7 can prove to be a real headache. Fortunately, the official Mango app for The Register has made its way to the Marketplace, and now you can customize your feeds, comment on posts and read everything in a much more organized manner. If you have a Register account, you can save your preferences, so that items from only those categories are displayed that are of interest to you. The fact that Register has come out for Windows Phone is significant, because many of the news items in the app deal with Nokia, Microsoft and Windows Phone (although the app has loads more to offer as well). Read on to know all about this handy little tech news app for WP7.

The Register WP7 The Register Categories The Register Feed

The first screen of the app features all the Latest News items from The Register. Apart from that, there are three separate feeds for your chosen categories. The app will only let you choose three categories at a time, ensuring that your homepage doesn’t get too cluttered. By default, these categories are Hardware, Software and Networks, but you may change these by heading to the Settings menu and removing any of the existing feeds before replacing them with a new one. If you don’t want to add a feed to your account, but still want to browse through its contents, just go to the menu marked All Feeds and tap any category from there.

The Register Post The Register Comments

Each item posted in The Register can be fully read within the app, and all the screenshots are displayed as well. If you want, you can share articles via email, SMS (link sharing) or post them to your social network. One of the best things about the app is its Comments section, where you can view comments for all the posts and add your own to the mix as well.

The Register app is available as a free download for all WP7 users, and you can grab it by heading to the following web Marketplace link. Although the app doesn’t have too many bells and whistles, it gets the job done and is exactly the way a good and distraction-free newsreader should be.

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