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Get Windows 8 Themes On Windows Phone 7 With Themes Install [Homebrew]

Windows 8 is all about Metro, the beautiful interface that is full to the brim with live tiles and colorful themes. Before implementing the Metro UI to Windows 8, Microsoft used it in Windows Phone 7. We can’t say that WP7 doesn’t have its critics, but most people tend to agree that Mango has the most beautiful interface among all smartphone platforms. Despite the similarities in Windows 8 and WP7, you have to remember that Windows Phone is a mobile platform, and hence, can’t have all the features available in its desktop counterpart. Consider the accent colors for a basic example, where WP7 sports only approximately half of the themes available in Windows 8. Well, that’s one area where WP7 has caught up with the future desktop OS, thanks to the new Homebrew app named Themes Install. If you have a rooted Mango phone, you can now extend the themes section in your device to include all the Windows 8 color accents!

Themes Install WP7 Homebrew Themes Install WP7 Colors Themes Install WP7 Home

Themes Install will appear in your unlocked device’s app list as soon as you have deployed the XAP file (available at the source link) to your phone. Instead of adding a new menu or providing customization options within the app, this Homebrew will add the new colors to the stock themes option in the Settings hub. To get started, launch the app, and hit the Install button available in the middle of the screen. There won’t be any confirmation message after that, but it is safe to navigate away from the app after a few seconds. Now, go to the Settings menu of your phone and look inside the themes section. You will see that all the Windows 8 accents are now available in that menu. Some of the colors have proper names (like black, orange, etc.) while other are just represented by numbers.

The accents will be applied to all areas of the mobile OS once you tap their names, but the Homebrew makes sure that the text remains legible and no part of WP7 becomes completely invisible. Of course, you can create custom themes using Accent Changer (for full unlocked devices), but it is not likely that you will be able to get the perfect effect for each theme. So, if you are a customization fan, and own an unlocked Windows Phone 7 device, Themes Install is a must-have for you. Head to the source link provided below to download the XAP, and to view the discussion thread related to the Homebrew.

[via XDA-Developers]


  1. Do I need to have a custom ROM installed on my phone to use this, or just an interop-unlocked phone with no custom ROM would work?

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